Is Your Penis Too Small to Please Women?

Most men, at one time or another, have asked themselves that very question. Let me ask you a different question. Has a sexual partner told you your penis is too small? Has she snickered and giggled when you displayed, what you thought, was your raging erection? 99.9% of men would reply “No” to such questions. So why would you think your penis is too small?

The pornographic industry has had a huge impact on the physic of men. There are exceptions, but for the most part men are entranced and excited to view porno videos. Every person has their own reason, but they normally fall within these few categories.

* They have the opportunity to view beautiful naked women.

* They want to learn sexual techniques to use themselves on their sexual partners.

* They enjoy experiencing the arousal that these videos create, especially in younger males.

* It’s just what guys do.

These are all emotions felt by both male and females and without getting into a debate over the religious or social concerns, normal. However, one issue which men won’t admit is the fact they are comparing, either consciously or unconsciously, themselves to the male “actors” in these videos.

Unless it’s a video specifically produced to focus on a smaller than normal penis, these participants all have a huge sized penis. Penis’s of 8″ to 14″ in length and 2″ to 4″ in girth are the norm. The beautiful and desirable women in these videos scream with delight as the men utilize these huge tools in every imaginable way. (every man’s desire).

When the video ends men stare in horror at the difference in size of their penis versus the men in the videos. Is it any wonder why men feel their penis is too small to please their sexual partner?

What’s Next? How about another kick in the balls about your Penis size without video!

The discovery of the internet created an infinite amount of information which is available at the click of a mouse. Enterprising entrepreneurs, knowing sex sells, flocked to the internet creating porno sites of every conceivable type and content.

All porno sites have a sales page and most have a “free tour” displaying beautiful horny women engaging in sexual acts. Now, obviously since no one held a gun to your head to be on the site its surmised you want to see pictures of people engaging in sex. You’re too cheap or afraid your spouse will discover you paid money to join the site, so you anxiously and quickly flip through the various pictures until you find one that grabs your fancy. You click it.

In the picture is a gorgeous naked woman, wide eyed and screaming in delight as she’s being pounded by a man with a, you guessed it, huge penis. Although the woman desperately wants to, this penis is so large she can’t physically fit it all into her. Forced to revert to another method the woman holds the man’s penis with both hands, one on top of the other, and gives the remaining 6″ of penis protruding past her hands, a torrid blow job.

You travel to another picture where the couple sits on a couch and the woman gazes with admiration at the size of man’s penis, which happens to be large enough to be laying against his chest as he proudly holds it up for display.

Now you immolate the guy in the photo and hold your massive erection, which if you’re very lucky reaches your belly button. It doesn’t take an Einstein to figure out why men feel their penis is too small to please their partner.

Fact or Fiction? Do you have an average size penis or not?

By now your ego and self esteem are totally destroyed and you’re considering hari kari or becoming a monk. Since neither of those options hold much personal appeal let’s try something else. Let’s try something quite unique, looking at the truth of what the “average” size penis for an adult male actually is.

Ready? Drum roll please. Scientifically, the average size of an adult male penis is between 5 ½” to 6″ in length and between 1 ½” to 2″ in girth. Length is measured from the pelvic bone to the tip of the head of an erect penis.

I can already hear the tool box drawers slamming as we search for seldom used tape measurers. Perhaps the kid’s school ruler will work just as well, how do I steal it away from little Johnny without arousing suspicion? Relax and take a deep breath. I guarantee you that 98% of you will fall within the average size penis parameters.

What about those long dongs you grew up watching in the porno flicks? Well, it’s a fact of life that there are always exceptions to the rule, whatever rule you’re discussing. There are some men which are more well endowed than most just like there are some men taller and larger than most. Because you are 5′ 7″ and not 6′ 8″ does not mean you are any less of a man and in many circumstances your lack of extreme height is a benefit, not a hindrance. Would you rather be short or tall when participating in a limbo contest? Silly example, but the truth remains constant and I think you get the point.

There are certain women who have the physical capabilities and desire to engage a huge penis. However, for the most part women are as frightened of a 12″ penis as men are envious. They much prefer the normal sized penis, however with a man that knows how to use it. What does that mean?

We’ll discuss that subject in the next forum and hopefully with the full participation of our female readers.

Pros and Cons of Big Breasts

With so many women looking to increase the size of their breasts, you may be surprised to learn that there are some drawbacks to having a large chest. Hollywood and mainstream society glamorize having large breasts, and rarely do you hear about any problems that might be associated with them. But breast reductions are a common procedure among women with extra-large bosoms. Let’s look at some of the positives and negatives that come with having big breasts.

Attention – No one can deny that women with larger breasts get more attention from men. Science and biology have proven that on a genetic level men favor women with larger breasts for their assumed ability to provide more nourishment to their offspring. It may not have any practical bearing, but if it’s a perceived benefit on an instinctual level, it’s hard to argue with. While the taste of men varies from one man to the next, and each has his own preferences, generally speaking bigger gets more looks. Women that don’t want the attention might consider this a negative, but if attention is what you’re after this is a major benefit.

Backaches – Women with extra large breasts might find them a nuisance in the form of pain in the lower and upper back. The extra weight makes a woman top-heavy and the strain is transferred to the muscles of the back in order to compensate and maintain balance. Simple motions like bending over to pick something up, or reaching over to grab something might throw a woman’s back out or cause a spasm if she is carrying an unruly load. Back pain is the number one reason cited for women that are getting bread reduction procedures performed.

Assumptions – Others might make value judgments about you if you have a large chest. Some people might think that you are flaunting your large chest and that you don’t have any other qualities other than being big breasted. You might feel that people don’t look past your rack when they are sizing you up. You might get frustrated that people won’t look for the inner you, or wonder what makes you tick. You might be wearing a very conservative outfit, but with your large size you can’t help but make it look like it’s too much cleavage.

Too Much Is Too Much, Sometimes – Many men report liking a handful. Anything more than that can be perceived as too much and borderline excessive. While this is not the case for some men, who think that no breast is too big. If you think that your breasts are just too much for some men to handle, you can get them downsized, or get a man who loves what you have, making this a pro or a con depending on your outlook.

How to Make Big Breasts Smaller

Most people think that women who have huge breasts are gifted but if you are one of those women who are suffering from carrying large breast, you know this is not always true. Back, neck and shoulder pains are some of the physical pains that are hard to bear most of the time. Finding the right size of clothes and bra is a real challenge and you often end up feeling unattractive and less confident with your looks. It would be a life changing experience to find the best way to make big breasts smaller.

There are many ways to make big breast smaller but it is important to find the safest method that will take away the discomfort of carrying huge breast and will give you more confidence with your looks. Here some tips to make bigger breast smaller:

Use the wonder of bras. There are specially designed brassier called minimizer bras that can make your breast look smaller. Make sure to buy bras that fits. You may take advantage of the free bra fitting offered by most department stores.

Exercise your chest muscles. There are exercises designed to lift and tone down chest muscles. This works well with overweight women. Exercises can reduce your body fat together with your chest fat making your breast firmer and smaller.

Breast reduction surgery. Cosmetic surgery is the most common way to make big breast smaller. If you want to take this route, you have to be knowledgeable with the risks of surgery. There could be irreversible side effects of surgery and it is important to think thoroughly about it.

Breast reduction pills. If you are into natural treatment, this method is another option to make big breast smaller. It is important to make sure that the pills are formulated from 100% natural herbal ingredients. Today, this method is gaining popularity because it is natural and safe.

You do not have to suffer the discomfort of carrying huge breasts because there are ways to make big breast smaller.

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