Programs to Reduce Man Boobs

Man Boobs is a common condition among men of all ages in which the man has excessive chest fat. This results in swollen, breast like, pectorals, sometimes with puffy and distorted nipples. Man Boobs, Which is medically called Gynecomastia, isn’t a dangerous condition to your physical health, but it still brings misery to millions of men around the world because it destroys self-confidence. Most women don’t find Man Boobs attractive and men who have man boobs see their sex life plummet.



There is a wealth of information on the internet focusing around man boobs. Everything from what causes it to how to live with it and more importantly, how to get rid of it can be found with a little investment in some online research time.

Chest Coach System

One such place that boasts a program for men to follow if they want to get rid of their man boobs is called Chest Coach. The How To Lose Man Boobs program boasts the ability to teach men how to lose their man boobs the natural way. The fundamental principle with this program is that man boobs are developed through a hormonal imbalance within the male body. To reduce the presence, all a man needs to do is create a new hormonal balance with testosterone.

During the teenage boy years, testosterone levels are completely out of sync as the body undergoes puberty. In a man’s early 20’s things begin to settle down a bit as testosterone levels skyrocket off the hormone charts. The catch here is that not every man experiences this testosterone peak during his 20’s. In fact, the levels often do not return to normal as life progresses. This lack of testosterone contributes to the development of man boobs.

The Chest Coach program walks men through a step by step process of restoring a normal testosterone chemical balance to their systems. The process includes diet tips on what foods to avoid as well as what food enhance the development of male chest muscles. Additional information is provided on exactly what Gynecomastia is and what the causes are. The entire program consists of two instructional booklets and a DVD that contains additional information as well.

Get This off My Chest Now Program

The creative master mind behind this program is a man boobs suffer for over 32 years of his life. Finally, he decided to do something about it. He developed a proven 100% effective, all natural program to help other men get rid of unwanted man boobs.

The program starts off with an instantly available downloadable information book. In this book there are step by step guidelines for achieving a desired male chest. The secret to success outlined in this program is the understanding that what goes into a man’s mouth has a lot to do with what comes out in certain areas of the body.

Many of the foods consumed by men on a daily basis secretly are injected with growth hormones. This is especially true for meat that comes from meat processing farms. Farmers inject cows with a female growth hormone to bulk up the end meat product and enrich the milk supply. For a big meat eating male, this equates to large levels of estrogen being present in the body. These large estrogen levels are a huge contributing factor to the development of man boobs. This program teaches men ways to avoid or lessen the amount of meat consumption on a daily basis.

Another component of this program is an exercise regiment. Knowing that this is more than likely lacking in the average man’s current lifestyle, the program starts off slow and increases as skill level and activity levels rise. Also introduced as part of the exercise regiment is a weight training course that works to reduce man boobs. Cardio exercise must be combined with a weight training program in order to maximize on the fat being burned off and developed into muscle effectively.

The Get This off My Chest Now program includes a series of instructional videos that act as a pictorial guide throughout the process. A fast track video is provided to give users a simple overview of the program so as not to feel overwhelmed once the packaging has been opened.


These are just two examples of the hundreds of thousands of programs available online to reduce the effects of man boobs. The right program is going to vary from man to man depending on the underlying factors in his life. The programs all highlight the same issues which are restoring a natural hormonal balance to the body and following a strict diet and exercise program. In the end, the biggest driving success factor is the individual man’s drive to excel.

How to Choose the Right Breast Implant Size for You

So, you have decided that you want your boobs to be bigger but just aren’t sure how big you want to go. After all, you have to strike a pretty delicate balance. On the one hand, you certainly want the changes to be noticeable. On the other, however, you don’t really want it to look unnatural. It can mean the difference between looking like Kelly Rowland and taking after Jessica Rabbit. How can you figure out what size is right for you? Well here’s how to do it:

Consider Your Body Size

Are you on the petite side or do you tend towards the national average? For those who may be shorter or tinier in size, going up too many sizes can prove to be a problem. While breast augmentation in Scottsdale – and other places – is certainly possible, you should be careful. Getting implants that are too large can actually cause you discomfort. Remember, your back is going to have to take the added strain so you may have to contend with more pain if you choose to go up several cup sizes. This is why your surgeon will often take some measurements ahead of time. He or she will look at the width of your chest. They will also consider just how much extra skin and tissue they have to work with. After all, your skin is going to need to fully cover the implants.

Look at Your Lifestyle

Believe it or not, you are also going to need to take your lifestyle into consideration. In particular, you will need to look at your activity levels. For instance, do you prefer activities such as yoga or swimming? Or are you more active and like to play sports or run? The size of your boobs can impact your activities. If you aren’t very energetic then larger breasts will work fine. However, if you are quite athletic, slightly smaller sizes will be better equipped to your daily life.

Try the Size Out

If possible, try to get an idea of what your desired size might feel before you get the surgery. There are often bras that can simulate what having those particular implants may feel like. Try having them on for about a week or so. This will give you time to get over the excitement of having larger boobs and will allow you to consider the size more critically. This way, you will actually be able to decide whether or not you can live with those implants.

What You Should Know

It is quite likely that your doctor will have a final say about the implants. They will decide what looks most natural and what is best for your body. It is quite normal to have breasts that are of two different sizes. As a result, your doctor may need to use implants that are two separate sizes as well. Not to worry, as he or she will make sure that they balance each other out.

This is a good guide if you are having some confusion about what boob size you want to go up to.

Boob Growth In The Twenty First Century!

Natural Breast Enlargement In Adolescence

The concept of breast enlargement or in rather informal tones, breast enhancement, is as much a controversial a topic as any other female adolescent phenomena there is. Yes, breast growth starts out to be the concern of young prepubescent teens and can continue to be an issue throughout womanhood.

Natural Breast Enlargement In Adolescence

Woman measuring breast size with yellow measuring tape on room.

As we all know, breast growth varies among individuals, depending upon their inborn genetic makeup. This is to say, of course, that if your genes dictate that you have minimal breast tissue then you can expect to have small boobs. Likewise, if your genes say you’ll have large scale boob growth, then good for you. Of course, I’d personally prefer to be somewhere in the middle, where they are not too small or too large.

Are Most Women Satisfied With Their Breast Size?

It’s a fact that many women are dissatisfied with their natural boob characteristics, and would want to change the appearance of their boobs. The many issues about bust growth have resulted in a great deal of research as to how one can manipulate, control or influence the natural boob growth pattern in such a way that it would be optimal for a woman’s preference. More often than not, they would want their boobs to appear firmer, rounder, or fuller. Having large boobs has a myriad of meaning to a lot of women; they could be a symbol of femininity, motherhood, or could simply be that of beauty. Here’s the good news – women can actually do something to enhance their boob growth through natural means.

When it comes to enhancing breast growth and increasing boob size though, one doesn’t have to go under the knife to achieve great looking boobs. By doing so, one could spare oneself from unnecessary costs of cosmetic procedures which rarely ever turn out to be successful. The natural method of boob growth is comprised of numerous ways to improve boob shape and size.

One natural way of enhancing boob growth includes strengthening the pectoral muscles, which are the muscles situated beneath the breasts. Recommended exercises such as chest presses can help to achieve enhanced growth results. These exercises are believed to tone up and give a better shape to the breasts.

More Natural Boob Growth Techniques

Although yet to be proven as a 100% effective boob growth technique, the simple breast massage is another known natural method for enhancing boob growth especially among Asian women. Asian countries like China and Thailand freely embrace this method’s therapeutic effects; according to them, massage works by relaxing the muscles that are continuously tensed up so that harmful substances caused by longstanding stress will be eliminated, allowing healthful nutrients to circulate through the breasts. Added to that, the massage may also, in a way, help to prevent the occurrence of breast cancer by improving the lymphatic circulation in the breasts as the disease has also been attributed to poor lymphatic drainage. Unfortunately, the benefits of the breast massage has not yet been widely accepted and utilized by the masses. Although many people have heard of self-breast massage, quite often very few actually perform this technique, either because of personal doubts or for healthy bust growth reasons.

Another great way of increasing boob growth naturally is, as you guessed it, the use of heat. This method is very simple to do and very convenient especially for the busy woman of today. The heat is said to promote boob growth through its effect in increasing blood flow to the breast tissue. As such, the hormones responsible for boob growth are consequently increased. However, that being said, cancer cells or masses will increase as well in response to the stimulating effect of heat. Another great disadvantage in its use is that not enough research has been done yet to prove its effectiveness.

Then there are also the boob enhancing supplements or pills. What you need to remember about these supplements is that you have to take them as prescribed by a physician or manufacturer of the product. As with any dietary oral supplements, factors such as timing and method of intake play a very crucial role to the overall effectiveness of these boob growth supplements.

Allowing your boobs to be free from any pressure restrictions such as those of bras may actually help in making your boobs grow bigger. Bras and other constricting clothing may impede blood circulation to the breasts and thus, impede in the process of healthy natural breast enhancement.

Practicing these natural methods, along with a healthy lifestyle such as good sleep and nutrition, may aid you in your pursuit to achieving the best possible and great looking boobs without having to invest on rather expensive cosmetic surgical procedures. Having said this, one must also note that these methods don’t always guarantee a 100% success rate, and is largely variable among different women. One method may be more effective to one while it may not be as effective in another. You would expect to undergo a series of trial and error scenarios before you find what method suits you best. Always keep in mind though that whatever natural method you use to increase breast size you end up deciding on, make sure you always prioritize your health above anything else.

Should you opt for the more artificial methods such as the controversial plastic surgery, it is best you consider talking these matters over in detail with a credible and board certified cosmetic surgeon before making up your mind in thinking about going under the knife.

How to Find the Best Everyday Bra For Women With Large Boobs

Big breasts can sometimes be depressing and a nuisance if they get in the way of everyday activities and work of the individual. Having good support and comfort for big breasts goes a long way to relieve the burden of most big breasted women.

most big breasted women

An everyday bra for big breasts should have particular qualities. They should be able to encapsulate the breasts. A good supporting bra should have a well-padded under-wire at the bottom to support the breasts as well as enough padding to prevent the nipples from poking through. There is nothing more embarrassing for a woman than to have her nipples showing in public.

Good bras should have strong and wide shoulder straps to support the breasts and prevent the straps from digging into the flesh of the shoulders. Well placed under-wires not only give extra support, but they also shape the breasts and give them form. It is horrifying to see busty women in ill-fitting bras that basically cause their breast to spill out from the sides. When bras are made from good material, they prevent itching which is one major problem all women face.

Soft-Cup large bras also contour the body while maintaining the shape of the breasts. Usually made from microfiber material, they add softness and comfort while a pared down underarm provides increased ease of mobility. These days, women who have an aversion to wires can also opt for a no-wire support bra which comes with either a well-padded material or plastic, in place of the under-wire.

Big breasted women now have other stylish options one of which is the long-line bra which is designed similarly to a corset. It works well to hold in very busty shapes while providing excellent back support with for those who have back pain caused by heavy breasts. Long-line bras come in very stylish designs of lace or satin material. Most of them can also be opened from the front making them easy to wear. There are even strapless variations for evening wear available on market.

Maternity Bras made with foam cups and breathable fabric are also very helpful for nursing mothers with large breasts. This is because they minimize moisture against the skin, while expanding sideways to adjust to the nursing mother’s changing body. Some are even designed with frontal clasps to allow easy nursing access.

Women with large breasts, while not in need of breast enhancement, do require full support bras and demi bras. These bra types actually give the big breasted woman an enhanced and alluring feminine look whatever her age. Thus, women are able them to look good in any outfit they wear while providing control, security and support for their bodies.